On-The-Job Training

It’s a fact that employees who do not get trained on-the-job leave within one year. Whenever an employee leaves, it costs big to employers. If you think on-the-job training can be costly to you or is a headache to handle, think of VNS IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

On-the-job training is always an investment which brings out fruitful outcomes. When you invest time and money into it, your employees become an asset to you. At VNS, on-the-job training program is designed to help employees achieve excellence, experience and knowledge at the workplace. Initially, employers consider it as cost to the company, however, in long run, employees get well-trained and gain skills which means increase in productivity and growth.

When do your employees need on-the-job training?

It’s the most basic question because untimely on-the-job training will not bring expected results. It’s really important to understand when you should conduct on-the-job training:

  • Change/update technology
  • Change/upgrade business practices or company policies
  • A new lot of employees
  • Noticeable changes in behaviour or work ethics amongst employees
  • Setting new goals and strategies to achieve it

Considering the fact that most of the employees leave job during lack of training; it implies that it costs the employers more than just losing skilful employees. Our on-the-job training programs are beneficial for you because:

  • You will get happier employees, i.e., more productivity.
  • You will get employees who are capable of promotion.
  • You will be able to attract employees during recruitment and hiring.
  • You will build flexibility into workforce.